a letter to my son on his {third} birthday


My little lover. My sensitive and caring little boy. Today you turned THREE years old. Although it’s hard to believe that we’ve had you in our life for three years now, I also cannot imagine our life without you. I have been thinking of what to write to you for a few days now, but each time I do, I’ve been interrupted by you; wanting to play, crying that you fell down, needing a popsicle, or just wanting a hug and kiss :)

I remember the day I met you like it was yesterday.  I was so unbelievably excited to meet you, yet so afraid that my heart wouldn’t know how to love another child. And then, I saw you.. And instantly, I knew it was possible. I had fallen in love {again}.


…this is still your super-upset, crying face ;)

Since the day you were born, {and, although you were our most “planned” baby}, you have tested me everyday. You see, when your big brother entered this world, he was easy. It was magical. He taught me how to love more deeply, protect more passionately, and appreciate life more. But you, you were a little more, umm, challenging.. You were the baby that wouldn’t sleep unless you were being held, the baby who was constantly overflowing with spit-up, and the baby who hated everyone but your mama. To this day, you are still our high maintenance child; the one who keeps us on our toes. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You taught me just how strong I can be, and how capable I am of loving even when things aren’t perfect. Thank you, Mason.

You started off your second year of life as a tiny little toddler who could hardly talk.  In fact, your vocabulary was probably made up of less than five words {I blame the horrendous and constant ear infections you had until you were fourteen months old} and now, just one year later, you don’t stop talking… ever. You are forever stringing together sentences, stories, and songs.  Not everybody understands you, but what’s important, is that you do.

Tyler-Mason18 …such a little peanut. one year old :)

Right now, you are a beautiful mix of a big boy, who is daring and adventurous, and a little boy, who loves nothing more than hugs, kisses and cuddle time. We often call you our little stuntman, as you as climb, soar, scale, jump, dive, tumble and plunge. You are very independent, but also our little shadow. Always right by our sides, unless you’re being sneaky and up to mischief {which is actually quite often}. You are constantly needing a snack, you ALWAYS have your clothes on backwards {if you’ve dressed yourself, obv.}, and if there is music playing, your hands are on your hips, and you’re dancing. You’ve actually got quite the rhythm, little Mase.  You are very emotional, and you don’t try to hide it.. you just let it show. You are stubborn and impatient, strong-willed, spirited and rarely take no for an answer, even when it’s for your own good. One of your most favorite thing to do is make people laugh, and you are so good at it. You’ve mastered the ‘side-eye’ and you know just when to use it. “Me do it!” “Me love you!” “Me want hug and kissy!” …are just a few of your favorite phrases :)

Ava1Yr010 …handsome little guy :)

You are the perfect definition of a middle child.  You run as fast as those little legs will carry you to keep up with your big brother. When you are playing {nicely} with Tyler, you are your happiest. You LOVE him so much. But, as much as you try so hard to be just like Tyler, you try even harder to be a loving and protective big brother. Every morning, you listen for Ava to wake up, and insist on being the first one in her room. You tell her, every morning, how pretty she is and how much you love her. You smother her with kisses, and your morning isn’t complete until you blow on her tummy after her diaper is changed. You try so hard to make her smileYou LOVE her so much. And for that, I thank you. After all, I can’t imagine it being easy becoming a middle child at just seventeen months old.. Luckily, the transition went smooth. You embraced being a big brother from the first time you met her.  Like you were meant for it :)


It is nothing short of pure joy to watch you grow.  I am so proud of the little person that you are. Your daddy is the most favorite toy you own, but right now you are such a mama’s boy.  You are my little buddy, my sidekick. I know that this will change as you get older, and you realize all the super cool things your daddy can do.  But for now, I am loving how much you love and want to be with me. I count my blessing everyday that you are mine..

Mason Michael, I don’t think you’ll ever know how much I love you, until you meet your own child for the first time. At that very moment, when your heart is stolen and your breath is taken away, you will finally understand a parent’s love. Until then, just take my word that I love you more than anything. Thank you for another amazing year.  You remind me what is important everyday: family, love, forgiveness, and bedtime ;)

Happy Birthday, my sweet little boy! I love you so very much. You are one of the greatest pieces of me that exist.



..photography credit to shannon wucherer photography.

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