a letter to my daughter on her second birthday


Our Petunia. Today is your SECOND birthday! It’s hard to believe that you have been in our lives for two whole years. I know it’s cliche, but it seems like just yesterday your daddy and I met your beautiful face.



In this last year, you’ve grown in so many ways, but one thing has stayed the same. You are the happiest and most lovable little girl we have ever met, who lights up our lives with your big blue eyes and bright smile. Your calm personality and peacefulness is the purest joy we could ever imagine.


There is {seriously} not one tiny thing about you that I would change. You are a incredibly good {and very healthy} eater, you sleep for 13-15 hours each night {and take a very long nap each afternoon}, and are just the best behaved little princess. Nothing really upsets you, you are always smiling, and you love to cuddle. Disney’s Frozen, baby dolls, and your blankie are just a few of your favorite things!


You have a silly little spirit that I just adore, and you know how to make everyone around you smile. You have your daddy and big brother’s wrapped around your little finger, and you know it.


We LOVE you so deeply and unmeasurably, baby girl. Cannot wait to celebrate YOU at your party next weekend!


Happy birthday to our sweet Ava, you are simply the BEST ever! The bundle of pink I always waited for.

Love, mama


professional photographs taken by the amazing shannon wucherer photography.

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