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I’m baaack – and whoa, have things changed. {Notice I’m now THREE boys one petunia, not two!} Yup. We welcomed baby number four to our wild and crazy family. His name is Grey, and he’s such a dream. More on him, and maybe a birth story soon, because it was so unreal.

But, for now… It’s finally happening.

Moving into a bigger home was always something we wanted to do, but it was always on our, well my husband’s, five year plan. I shuddered each time he said that. Didn’t he understand that I wanted to move, like now? To be fair, he’s the practical one. The one who thinks things through before making big decisions. Not me – I’m the impulsive one. I thank my lucky stars for him, or who knows where I’d be.

Last summer, we had been talking about this so-called, five year plan, and I was trying to change his mind. I’m usually pretty good at it, but he didn’t seem to budge on this one. His argument was that we still fit in our current home, and there just wasn’t any rush.

He was right.. right for just one more day. It just so happened that the very next day I realized I was like a week late, so I peed on a stick and broke the news to him that baby number four was on his way.

That very next day I was getting crazy amounts of text messages from him, all links to houses on the market. Yes – I win!

We searched and searched my entire pregnancy for a house that fit our needs. Some said we were way too picky, and to be perfectly honest, we totally were. Nothing fit our expectations.

Finally, just this past spring, we found a newly listed five acre piece of land. It was perfect. It was private, a little country’ish, but only twenty minutes from the big cities, AND it was in the same city as our current home, with an excellent school district. Total win.


Thirty days later, it was ours.

Fast forward to today. We are about two weeks away from breaking ground. It has been such a whirlwind planning everything for our custom home. We are so lucky to be working with a fabulous builder, one who is so accommodating and has such good ideas. It seems like it took forever, and was so much work, planning each and every detail, but it’ll be so worth it when we move in.



The kids are so excited to each have their own bedroom, and if we ever decide on baby number five, there’s an extra bedroom for him or her.. HA! JUST KIDDING. This baby maker is closed.. for good. ;)


Do me a favor? If you’ve built your home, tell me some tips in the comments. Anything you regret? Anything you wish you knew at the time? Help a girl out.


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